Battling Lyme With Probiotic Beverages: Kombucha & Kefir

Battling Lyme With Probiotic Beverages: Kombucha & Kefir

The clinic does not support any product or manufacturer, but here are some products our patients have used very successfully.


Kombucha is fermented tea that contains live bacteria and yeast—as such, it boasts the benefits of a probiotic, including improved digestion. So, why try kombucha for Lyme disease? It promotes health and healing by fighting off pathogens and detoxifying your body, which in turn boosts your immune system–thus helping to fight Lyme. Furthermore, its anti-inflammatory components lessen muscle and joint pain as well as stiffness. Some say it even improves mood due to its high levels of Vitamin B. Ultimately, this antioxidant aids in helping you feel better day-by-day.

Since Kombucha detoxifies your body, it is best to start off drinking it in small quantities and then increase the amount you consume slowly. While detoxifying is great, that cleansing process can sometimes be challenging and even painful. That’s why it’s important to ease this new substance into your body.

Many of our patients make their own Kombucha, while others prefer to buy it bottled. Some of our patients swear by GT’s brand of organic raw Kombucha (pictured above), which comes in several flavors and can be purchased at various health food stores or online.


Your body needs good bacteria in order to strengthen your immune system so that it can fight Lyme disease. Another probiotic our patients swear by, and even take alongside Kombucha, is Lifeway Kefir. It’s hard to describe what Kefir is, as the company poses it—“Some call it the cousin of yogurt. We call it the ‘champagne of dairy.’”

High in protein, vitamin D, and calcium, the active cultures in Kefir contain 15 to 20 billion strains of probiotic. As such, Kefir boosts the immune system and promotes healthier digestion. Alongside these benefits, Kefir is 99% lactose-free, helps with bone density, and contains amino acids that can improve your mood.

Like with Kombucha, it is best to start off consuming Kefir in small amounts to see how your body reacts. Various Lifeway Kefir products and recipes can be found at online.

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