New Hope and Energy for the Lyme Community. We are beyond thrilled! Click HERE to read the NCMB Vacating Order.

“Hello, I am Dr. Joseph Jemsek. I am an Infectious Disease physician working in Washington, DC and founder of the Jemsek Specialty Clinic. I am reaching out to you today because I wish to share good news. Some of you may know about my career in HIV/AIDS where I started in the very early days and devoted over two decades to this epidemic. Some of you may also be aware that I’ve devoted my attention to Lyme Disease or ‘Lyme Borreliosis Complex’ for almost two decades as well.

I consider myself very fortunate to be one of the one of the very few physicians to have worked so closely with the twin epidemics of our time.

In 2006, the NC medical board restricted my medical license due to my longer-term therapy of Lyme Borreliosis Complex in this very sick,
politicized and marginalized population. Now, well over 13 years later, these NC medical board orders have been rescinded and abolished. This rarely happens.

I thank the NC medical board for their newly acquired insight and appreciation for this dreadful illness.

I hope this reversal will prove to be a major gain for our patients and patients throughout the world. These same patients nourished me and my family through a prolonged and most difficult period and made it possible for us to survive. I have been vindicated and so have patients everywhere. Your vindication, as patients, is the more important. It is your victory.

Let’s do the right thing together, build on this event, and make the impactful and sustained changes which are so long overdue.

Blessings and thank you,


Dr. Jemsek’s Remarks to the North Carolina Medical Board

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  1. I would not have survived without Dr jemsek’s knowledge and compassion and fortitude! He was my savior from CNS Lyme!! Forever grateful!!

  2. Dr. Jemsek,
    I’m so happy to hear this good news after so many years. You helped so, so many people, and we’re treated terribly. I don’t think I would have made it without you. Best wishes for a wonderful new year!
    Suzanne Sheffield 😊

  3. Congratulations!! As a new patient, I read the news about the issues in North Carolina. I hope all your new patients take the time to read and understand what happened to you. Bless you for dedicating your life to helping others heal!

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