From A Wheelchair To Walking 1,304 miles

In June 2011, I woke up with excruciating neck pain. Two days later I woke up unable to walk, could not read or write, pain radiating throughout my upper body. I had no idea what was going on in my body. That led to 9 months of seeking answers from countless doctors. Like most people with Lyme, I was dismissed, told I needed to see a therapist and accused of faking my symptoms. A neurologist I had worked with for years gave me a copy of my chart and told me good luck. It was such a different experience with the medical system than I had ever experienced before.

In April 2012, I got test results that said I have Lyme Disease and multiple co-infections. Dr. Jemsek’s name kept coming up as someone who could possibly help me. We really felt like this was our last hope. My first appointment at the Jemsek Clinic is mainly a blur but fortunately my partner came with me. Dr. Jemsek and his staff were so compassionate and supportive of me and my partner. We were determined to do whatever it takes to beat this disease. Piece by piece Dr. Jemsek put together the puzzle pieces to create a treatment plan that included oral and IV antibiotics and supplements.

Going through treatment was one of the toughest things I have been through. Physical therapy was a huge part of my recovery. Once I was stable enough, I began to walk around my room then my condo then short walks outside.

During COVID I found and fell in love with virtual walking. After having a pacemaker installed, I could walk without crushing fatigue and horrible pain. So I signed up for a virtual walk that was 1,304 miles and I had a year to finish it. Each walk was for a person with Lyme, their caregivers and those we have lost. We had family walks including pushing my dog in a stroller. It ended up taking 8 months for me to complete the 1,304 miles!

Now I am working on other virtual walks. I feel better physically and cognitively. And it all started with me walking around my bedroom. I credit Dr. Jemsek for helping me to get this far.

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