On May 15, 2016, Dr. Jemsek presented at the Academy Of Nutritional Medicine of the UK conference in London. This was the academy’s third meeting in their “Lifting the Veil” series, which provides “answers to important questions on chronic disease by stepping outside the box,” according to their website. The conference was chaired by Dr. Judy Mikovits, who was the only other American doctor that spoke that day.

<p> Dr. Jemsek’s talk, titled “Applying Common Sense and Lessons Learned in Lyme Borreliosis Complex,” was broken up into two 45-minute sessions. There were over 200 people in the audience—including nutritionists, doctors, and scientists—and Dr. Jemsek answered around fifty questions in the Q&A session that followed. Not only that, people lined up to ask him questions both before and after his presentation.

When asked about the state of Lyme disease in the UK, Dr. Jemsek says that it is “deplorable” and that, “The NHS is almost predatory in its views, in terms of denying care and the existence of Lyme.” That being the case, the UK has a very needy population of Lyme disease sufferers. Thus, Dr. Jemsek presented at the AONM conference in order to spread awareness and to share his approach to Lyme treatment with some of the health professionals who are seeing these patients.

Two days before the conference, Dr. Jemsek spent the afternoon seeing patients of a private practitioner in London with whom he became acquainted, and the following morning he spent a couple of hours seeing patients of another doctor with whom he became friends. “I met a couple of fascinating physicians out of the NHS and I felt like I made two good friends,” he says.

Dr. Jemsek shares something in common with these new friends—like him, they think outside the box. “When people tell us we are outside the box, we like to say, ‘we’re the new box,’” he laughs. By connecting with other physicians who seek to take an unconventional approach to infectious disease treatment, he hopes to help patients abroad get better care.

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