Dear Ministers,

 Members of Tick Talk Ireland, the patient support group for those suffering with Lyme Disease and related Tick Borne Infections, request your attendance at the Dáils AV room at 2pm on Wednesday June 26th, for a presentation by Dr Joseph Jemsek

 Hosted by Ministers Marc MacSharry and Eamon Scanlan of the Cross Party Action Group on Lyme Disease in Ireland, the Internationally renowned Infectious Disease Specialist has been at the forefront of research in both HIV/AIDS and Lyme Disease since the early 1980’s. He is a leading voice for both communities globally and this June sees him leave his Washington DC Clinic, where he includes members of the United States Congress among his many patients, to visit Ireland to support our growing number of Lyme Disease patients. Which he says are increasing at alarming rates

 Each of you have many Lyme patients in your respective constituencies and we would ask you to attend in support of your constituents. 

While Dr Jemsek paints a frightening picture of the current Lyme Disease landscape, he offers great hope through revolutionary treatment and the latest research on Lyme Disease. 

 Speakers :

 Host Minister Marc MacSharry

 Brief Introduction by Tick Talk Ireland 

Presentation by Dr Joseph Jemsek MD 

Short Case Study presented by Anthony Morris, Lyme Disease Patient and former multiple All Ireland Winning Kerry footballer. 

 Questions and Answers with Dr Jemsek 

 Close by Minister Marc MacSharry

 We would be grateful if you or your representative could attend. 

 Dr Joseph Jemsek MD – Infectious Disease Specialist

As one of the few physicians heavily involved with both of the major infectious disease epidemics of our time, Dr. Joseph Jemsek has a uniquely qualified insight and perspective on the diagnosis and treatment of HIV-AIDS and Lyme disease.

After diagnosing the first case of HIV-AIDS in North Carolina in 1983, Dr. Jemsek continued a decades-long career as one of the leading pioneers in the treatment of HIV-AIDS, participating in myriad pharmaceutical trials for HIV medications while championing care for what was at the time a largely marginalised patient population.

The same spirit of fighting for his patients’ rights, treating them with respect, and restoring health has carried through with Dr. Jemsek’s treatment of Lyme Disease at The Jemsek Specialty Clinic, which he founded in North Carolina in 2007 and moved to Washington, DC, in 2010.

The Jemsek Specialty Clinic has treated patients from throughout the United States and around the world, with the goals of raising awareness and facilitating research of Lyme disease, while developing innovative and specialised treatment plans to meet each patient’s unique symptoms and circumstances.

Dr. Jemsek has been the keynote speaker at national and international Lyme disease conferences, and was featured in the 2008 documentary film, “Under Our Skin: The Untold Story of Lyme Disease,” that highlighted his groundbreaking role in the field of Lyme treatment and patient care.

His focus has remained steadfast: “In Medicine, both our palette and canvas are comprised solely through our time and devotion with patients. If physicians don’t invest themselves fully into their patients, then they are nothing more than chart readers, becoming ever more stale with each passing year.”

The Jemsek Specialty Clinic is currently accepting new patients, and remains committed to providing quality, comprehensive patient care while leading the way in Lyme disease treatment and research.

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