Dr. Jemsek’s Emergence From Bankruptcy

After 13 years in bankruptcy, Dr. Jemsek is very proud to announce his exit from Bankruptcy in August 2019

EX-PARTE ORDER CLOSING CASE THIS MATTER came before the undersigned United States Bankruptcy Court Judge upon the Debtors’ Ex-Parte Motion to Close Case (the “Motion”). It appearing from the Motion that good cause exists for granting the relief requested, the Court finds the following:

1. That on October 25, 2006, Jemsek Clinic, P. A. filed a voluntary petition for relief under Chapter 11 of the Bankruptcy Code. That on November 20, 2006, Joseph G. Jemsek filed his voluntary petition for relief under Chapter 11 of the Bankruptcy Code. On March 18, 2015, an order was entered directing joint administration of the Debtors’ cases.

2. That the Debtors have complied with all requirements for the Chapter 11 Bankruptcy and would like for the case to closed.

J. Craig Whitley United States Bankruptcy Judge August 6 2019 Western District of North Carolina Steven T. Salata Clerk, U.S. Bankruptcy Court FILED & JUDGMENT ENTERED. BASED UPON THE FOREGOING , IT IS HEREBY ORDERED, ADJUDGED AND DECREED that the Chapter 11 case will is closed.

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