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I have my first strongman competition in a little more than two weeks!


I first started to notice something was physically wrong about six years ago. I was a crawler crane assembly tech building large construction cranes across the northeast. My feet started to ache everyday so I tried new boots, chiropractic care, acupuncture. Nothing helped. It started working its way into my legs. Pain, numbness, tingling, fatigue for progressively worse. It got to the point where I’d fallen down my apartment stairs while leaving for work one morning and I knew something was wrong.

Eight months of disability, seven different doctors and I was finally diagnosed. I tried to self treat for about a year before going to Jemsek.

The whole time I was trying to weight lift and workout the best I could. It was a good outlet to find my physical limits and help with my mental health as well. After starting treatment with Jemsek, I moved and joined a new gym that has strongman equipment.  I started trying it by myself for a few months and finally started working out with the other strongmen at my gym. They’ve become good friends and helped me learn the sport. Pushing myself to go to the gym even when I don’t feel well or have a desire to go has helped my physically as well as mentally.

Lyme patients know the feeling of despair all to well but when you push through it not matter the cost, you’ll learn a lot about yourself and those around you. A good support system from family and friends goes a long way. I still have some limitations with strongman but I’m still learning the sport and how to navigate those limits.

While treating and training I’ve become stronger in every aspect of my life. Dr Markey and Jemsek have been pivotal in me literally getting back on my feet. I had a custom weightlifting belt made to commemorate my journey and have asked all of my Drs to sign it, with Dr Markey being the first and most important. Everyone that’s had my back from day one now literally does. 



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