What Our Patients Say


Our patients have a story to share, a story of hope, and resilience. 

They have fought for a better future, and they have achieved it.

Lorna Brine

[Dr. Jemsek and his staff] offer the best care possible for Lyme patients. Dr. Jemsek understands Lyme. They have improved my life greatly.

Jane Dickerson

I am so grateful for the thorough and thoughtful care I have received at the Jemsek®Clinic. They are outstanding! I cannot recommend them highly enough. They are excellent!

Doug Buck

[Dr. Jemsek’s] staff are amazing, they are exceptionally thorough, and will answer what ever questions you have... The staff are friendly and very knowledgeable.

Megan Melnick

[Dr. Jemsek] gave my life back to me, along with his wonderful staff.

Renada Harris

[Dr. Jemsek and the staff] do a full body check which last about three hours on your first visit. Each appointment thereafter will be about an hour and half. They really care and really listen.

Jennifer Hightower

[Dr. Jemsek runs a] very thorough practice. [Dr. Jemsek and his staff] run safety labs every cycle to check on all your organs and make sure you’re responding ok to meds. That’s a great thing that MANY other Lyme doctors do not take time or care to do. They have given me my life back. I wouldn’t go anywhere else.

Joshua Henry

[Dr. Jemsek and his staff] know what they are doing. You’ll be in good hands. Totally recommend. They are the best at dealing with Lyme.

Angela Williams

What do you say about someone who has saved your life?

Dr. G, Anesthesiologist (North Carolina)

[Dr. Jemsek] is a doctor’s doctor.

Achar & Maire R. (United Kingdom)

We are grateful to [Dr. Jemsek and his staff] for [their] warm & generous care.

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